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About Zorbas

Serving Great-Tasting Food Since 1983

Pashalis Koutzimbis, Chef and founder of Zorbas, came to the United States in November of 1983 and decided to open the doors of his wonderful restaurant in March 1989. The restaurant started doing business with a Mexican food buffet and an a la carte menu of Greek food, even though the large part of their clientele were Mexican people. Six months after opening however, the Greek dishes were selling more and more, so Chef Koutzimbis decided to open a magnificent buffet of the best, most popular, and most typical Greek foods for all their clients to enjoy.




Exquisite Fine Dining

Faithful customers have been visiting the restaurant for over 25 years to enjoy his incredible marinated lamb, moussaka, spanakopita, chicken souvlaki, not to mention delicious desserts like Baklava and Kantaifi, based with walnut and cinnamon ingredients which are also house favorites.

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